welcome to the monarchy

the kids are alright. the horse has left the hospital. we live in a society.

I’m sure many of you had the same thought I did watching this election, “I could do this so much better.” Our country’s problems are complex and innumerable, but frankly I’m pretty sure I have the answers. So while the world readies itself for Biden’s America, I thought I would engage in an alternate reality. One where I’m in charge and everyone is happy about it. What if I was The American Monarch? (roll credits)

I plan to explore all kinds of topics here- everything from politics to tech to sports, basically anything I’m sure I could fix. I hope you’ll join me on this little thought experiment. I hope you read this blog, maybe get a laugh, read some opinions, and give our own. I hope we all start to listen to each other more, understand each other’s perspectives, and ultimately realize that mine was right all along.

So Happy Inauguration Day America! A new president and a new internet know-it-all in the same day. Truly our best days are still ahead.

some Quotable QuotesTM that inspired this project

  • My brain is better than EVERYBODY’S” -Dr. Sheldon Cooper
  • You know what I miss? Precedented times” -The internet
  • “”I am nevertheless too sensible of my defects not to think it probable that I may have committed many errors” –George Washington” -Hamilton

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